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801-376-1753: Phone 1920 N. Oak Lane, Provo, UT 84604 USA 509-694-1062: Fax



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My expertise includes; being a technical and marketing expert in PC computers and providing support and management for engineering programming interfaces from application to embedded systems level in multitasking networking environments.

I am fluent in:


         Windows XP, 2000 Pro, ME, 98


         Microsoft Active Directory


         Web Server Management


         Novell Netware

         Powerpoint Presentations


         Digital Film editing/production


         Photoshop digital photo editing


         Office Protocols & Equipment


         45WPM+ Typist



Additionally, I have extensive experience in award winning Graphic and Web site design and implementation, user interfaces, documentation, creating marketing materials, creating technical instruction courses / manuals, presentations, major event hosting and worldwide engineering support management. I have lectured on engineering and video Web technology from Washington D.C. to Sydney Australia to Hungerford England


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Brief Summary of Experience:

         Four year Bachelor Degree with graduate studies: California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, California

         College Instructor: Stevens Henagar, Hartnell & Monterey Peninsula Colleges, Salinas & Monterey California

         Technical Support, Programming Support, Management: Digital Research, Inc. Monterey California

         Product Champion, Network Engineer II in ‘C’ & Java: Novell, Inc., Monterey California

         Events Manager, WebAction Director: Novell, Inc., Provo Utah

         Sales/Support Engineer/Manager: Netreon, Inc. a division of Peerless Systems, Inc. Los Angeles, California

         General Manager, Patented Psychological Profile Software development: COGignition, LLC,

         Oceanography Yacht Project Manager, Callisto: www.Ocean-Explorers.com, Anchorage Alaska



                     “Skillful, articulate and determined”

Dr. Louis B. Soffer

                     “Byron interfaces very well with customers and also with the sales, marketing and technical staff. Byron’s focus is on technical sales support and his communications skills are excellent in both face to face meetings and teleconferences”

Netreon Performance Review 2001

                     “Generates new ideas, challenges the status quo, takes risks, supports change, encourages innovation, solves problems creatively

Russell Brudnicki, Peerless Systems

                     “To say Byron Tomingas is a man of many talents is barely scratching the surface”

John Cook, Jackson Hole News


                     “Byron has consistantly exceeded expectations in both dealing with customer questions and supporting the sales staff.

Peerless Performance Review

I have consistently had exemplary performance reviews, a self starter I remain calm, cordial and focused under stress. I am highly experienced with individuals from the international community and can work effectively with a wide variety of people from many walks of life.


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References: Byron Paul Tomingas


         Graduated High School: Jackson-Wilson High School, Jackson WY, ref: Allen Robertson, Roger Milward (Lander WY)

         Attended University of Wyoming: Psychology & Business Majors, Music Minor

         Graduated California Institute of the Arts, Valencia: Classic Guitar Major, Electronic Music Minor: Bachelors Degree

         Graduate studies: California Institute of the Arts, Conducting and Composition, Morton Subotnic, Ravi Shankar, Leonard Stein & Cesare Pascarell

         Senior River Guide for Barker-Ewing Scenic Float Trips, Jackson, WY, Dick & Barbara Barker [email protected]

         Concert Guitarist: 20 Public Television specials, Soloist with major Symphonies & solo concerts, Edwin Hopper

         College Music Instructor: Hartnell College Salinas CA & Monterey Peninsula College, Monterey CA, John Erickson

         Computer Support for GEM: Digital Research Inc., John D. Ruley, [email protected]

         Engineering Support for XGEM: Digital Research Inc., Ref. Tim Mills - [email protected]

         Customer Engineering Manager for FlexOS POS system: Digital Research Inc., Francis Holsworth (Hawaii)

         Engineering Support: NEST: Novell, Inc., Adam Messer - 831-633-6352 [email protected]

         Engineering Event Manager: Novell, Inc. Eric Hazelet 800-453-1267 [email protected]

         Programming Instructor for JAVA & SQL: Stevens Henagar College, 801-375-5455 Provo, UT

         Sales & Engineering Manager SAN/NAS: Netreon, Inc. Russ Brudnicki 310-297-3144, mailto:[email protected]

         Callisto (110’ Expeditionary yacht, Florida crew & workers) refit & voyage management 907-783-1221 www.Ocean-Explorers.com/Callisto

         Nautilus II & R/V Bering Explorer: expedition prep for Alaskan charter: 907-783-1221 www.Ocean-Explorers.com/Callisto

         Ocean Explorers VP of Operations; 907-783-1221 Sharon Davinport www.Ocean-Explorers.com

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Member Board of Directors: Carmel Classic Guitar Festival

Member Board of Directors: Ocean Explorers technical advisory

Maintains a valid U. S. Passport

Speaker on Technology:

Hungerford England: Graphical Interface Design & DR DOS Support

Munich Germany: DR DOS & GEM Engineering Support

Salt Lake City Utah: Embedded Systems Programming for Networks

Washington D. C.: Panelist on Internet video broadcasting

Sydney Australia: NOS Kernel Debugger and Two Way Printer Communications on a Network

White Papers / Publications / Productions:

32 Technical topics from memory analysis to debugging for PC engineering

2 Day embedded networking engineering course with two volumes of original documentation (available for review)

Columnist & Freelance Articles for Automotive, Yachting & Musical international trade magazines

Eastman Film Festival Screening in Los Angeles CA: “Master Guitarist” – producer

Eastman Film Festival Screening in Los Angeles CA: “The Vanguard Oil Spill Containment” documentary – producer/editor

Release Code:

GEM – Graphical UI Update designer

X/GEM for FlexOS – Multitasking enhancements engineer

FlexOS: Memory analysis tool - Engineer

DR DOS & Novell DOS 7 – Debug Utility – Lead Engineer

DR DOS & Novell DOS 7 – CD Rom Driver internationalization - Implementer


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